In a planetary-place where life and networks of knowledge have been oscillating between the indefinite frictions of Anthropocentricity, what we find are possibilities of naturing beyond singular humanness. Listening has already passed the flat horizon of immaterial conventions of the construction of sensus-communis. Then, lockdowns... The reality is the material multiplicities of subjective experiences. Via sound arts, literature, and visual arts with cross-modal effects on affect in sensory experience and the mind, the questions that I work on involve the ordinary social and natural imaginaries. In the center of these questions, the memory and (re)making our past listening modes are ways to becoming 'us' during and after this infinitely complex time of the human historicity. c.b.

Image by Lucas Benjamin

Online Premiere March 29, 2021, 12PM (EST)

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March 29, 12 PM(EST)

Poem,  Music, and Illustration

the Thing

Piano, Electronics, and Poem

I'm Listening to a Senile Man

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Beyond The Functionality

of the ER Thermal Blanket


Re-tro-Grade (8-bit music processing)

In progress

Coming soon

Nostalgia for hand crank music box


Specters of Cascadilla Falls

area specific instructions for a lonesome walker
a sound-walk
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Ilk ve Sonraki