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a Silent Moment on this Place (2022) 1-2' (max. 7')

for any instrumental solo (with or without a heterophonic accompaniment)

the Thing (2021) 8’52” - 10'

Fixed media projection and live performance for solo or multiple instrument(s)/narrators

Title Sequence for Turkey Guitar Meeting (2021) 0:20"
for classical guitar solo and electronics
commission for Prof. Kagan Korad
Life: first gave...(2021) 1'
for Hichiriki solo, electronics, and poem
or other wind instruments i.e. clarinet, ob, etc.
I'm listening to a senile man (2021) 1'30"-5'

commission for Anoush Moazzeni & Iranian Female Composers Association

Project: Deterritorializing the realm of new music

multimedia for solo pianist (music for piano, poem, recording, & electronics)

the ghosts of the world behind (2021) 5'42"

multimedia (poem, sound-art, motion picture)

In a Lockdown Vol 1. Can Bilir Online Solo Exhibition Mar 29–Nov 1, 2021  11'12"

multimedia (Soundscape-video art)

In a Lockdown Vol 1. Can Bilir Online Solo Exhibition Mar 29Nov 1, 2021

The Holy Art-Hackney Downs Studios London UK, Virtual Exhibition The Dreamers April 14-April 20

Refrain less than a minute (2021) 20"–59"

amplified trumpet solo

Ephemeral Qualia (2020) 7’–8′

amplified violin solo

Sei Solo project commission


Fallen–String Quartet III (2018-2019) 19′

two violins, viola, violoncello

the Thing (2019) 8’52”

multimedia installation

Katık (2019) 8’30”

Orchestra 3[I,II,pic] 3[I,II, corA] 3[I,II,bcl] 2[I,cbn] – 4[I,II,III,IV] 1[tp] 3[I,II, btbn] 1[tb] – timp perc[I, II]: cym/sus.cym/crot/sd/BD/Tt//t.bells/ratch. – hp, 4t, str.

for Adrian Slywotzky and Cornell Symphony Orchestra

Nostalgia (2019) min.6′, max. 30′

commission for the conference (Re)Making Memory in Southeast Asia at University of Michigan

single performer on 30-note hand crank music box

I.Lover, sister, mother

II. Lullaby (on Nina Bobo and Ah! vous dirai-je, maman Theme Mozart K265)

III. Düş (Dream- Falling)

(Min duration is full performance of three movements without interruption. Max duration includes sheet retrogrades, inversions, retrograde inversions, and primes with tempo variations)

Düşük (2018) 25′

for Momenta Quartet and Cornell Gamelan Ensemble

string quartet with Javanese gamelan ensemble, ready-made objects, and olfaction

Irresolvable Fragment ‘Before and after the Jinn in the Machine'(2018) 5’

commission for Kinan Azmeh & Aizuri Quartet the Metropolitan Museum of Art

clarinet, two violins, viola, and violoncello

Jinn in the Machine: Strike (Battering) (2018) 15′

for Distractfold Ensemble

bass clarinet, electric guitar, viola, violoncello, and fixed media

Gerileme (2017) 7′

for ensemble Adapter

flute, clarinet, percussions and harp

Three Sheets for single performer (2017) 10′

30-note hand crank music box and grand piano

Stress Relieve Box (2017) installation
instructions for an installation and operation for a motorized emergency blanket on a tea box, with led lights and IR control

Specters of Cascadilla Falls ‘Hauntological Music for a Lonesome Walker’ (2017) 15′

commission for Rebecca Harris-Warrick

area specific instructions for a single walker, based on the Specter in Derridean discourse

Trio V ‘Overpressure: Redefining the Boundaries of the ‘Things’ Vlc ed. (2017) 10′

two violins, viola and violoncello

commission for Ariana Kim with Periscope for Arts & in memory of James Tenney and dedicated to the victims of any form of violence

two violins and violoncello

Catalog of Species (2017) 6′

commission for Ensemble sTem

soprano, clarinet, and piano

Apparition of Ophelia (2017) 6′

Homage to Jacques Derrida

commission by Xak Bjerken, in collaboration with Rachel Calloway and Ishion Hutchinson Poem: Doris at the River, from Far District by Ishion Hutchinson

mezzo-soprano and piano

String Quartet II ‘a wordless Tale dedicated to the flying Willendorfs in the windowless skies’ – (2016) 9′

for JACK Quartet

Overpressure: Redefining the Boundaries of the ‘Things’– Trio V (2016) 10′

commission for Ariana Kim & in memory of James Tenney and dedicated to the victims of any form of violence

two violins and double bass

Beyond the Functionality of the Emergency Blanket (2016) min.5′ max. full concert length

instructions for visual/ sound installation and for the live performance inspired by Tai Chi patterns

Cycle of a Temporal Causality–Trio III (2016) 9′

extended and revised edition for Ariana Kim

two violins and double bass

Sinfonietta: the Clusters of Unity (2016) 13’

formerly Cluster of Unidentified Definitions–Sinfonietta

‘another set of paradoxical beliefs for the unity of the monadic structures which never have existed and never will’

for Kisun Sung and Cornell Festival Chamber Orchestra

In memory of Steve Stucky Orchestra:

1[+pic] 1 1 1 – 1 1 1 0 – perc: cym/crot/sd/BD – , str.

Continuum between the unrelated structures – Trio IV (2016) Approx. 11′ 40″

commission for Continuum Ensemble New York

clarinet Bb, viola, and piano

Quintet, Saxophone edition (2015) 9′ – 10′

for OSSIA New Music Ensemble

flute, saxophone, violin, violoncello, piano

Decet revised and extended edition (2015) 10′

commission for Ensemble X with Chris Kim

oboe, clarinet in b flat, bass clarinet in b flat, percussions, piano, soprano, mezzo soprano, violin, viola, and violoncello

Cycle of a Temporal Causality – Trio III (2015) 6′

commission for Joseph Prusch for Ithaca College Performers

violin, viola, and violoncello

Pulse for Ilk (2015) 5′

commission for Bilkent Classical Guitar Convention

five classical guitars

music for the collaborative project with Iris Ergul and Deniz Gundogan Ibrisim: ‘Ilk ve Sonraki

Guitar Quintet ‘Imprisonment of the already emancipated phenomenal subordinate’ (2015) 9′

commission for Bilkent Classical Guitar Convention

five classical guitars

music for the project with Iris Ergul and Deniz Gundogan Ibrisim: ‘Ilk ve Sonraki: Sonraki’

Something in somewhere, another thing in somewhere else – Trio II (2015) approx. 8′

commission for New York New Music Ensemble, first edition for OSSIA New Music Ensemble

violin, violoncello, and piano

Quintet III ‘PENTAGON’ (2015) approx. 10′

for IMPULS 2015 Ernest Rombout’s class

five oboes

Gesture (2014) 1’30″

miniature for violin, violoncello and piano

Quintet II (2014) 12′

commission for SCA foundation for MUSMA 5 European Broadcasting Festival

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn

Breath (2013) 5′

Iron Composer 2nd Prize miniature for

double bell trumpet, horn, trombone

Guitar Trio II ‘TRIANGLE’ (2013) 16′

three guitars

Quintet (2013) 9′ – 10′

Tuscaloosa New Music Collective Call for Scores Grand Prize 2014

flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano

Trio (2012) 9′

violin, horn and piano

Decet II “İstanbul, Three Portraits” 2nd edition with kemençe and kanun (2012) 12’

for Klasik Keyifler Chamber Music Festival

flute, oboe, clarinet in b flat, percussions, classical kemençe,kanun, violin, viola, violoncello, and double bass.

Noumenon – Destroyed V (2012) 8’39”

fixed media

Aleatoric Duet (Hypertext III) (2012) 2’50” – 24’

flute and classical guitar

Arabesk ‘On a Turkish Folk Song: Pınar Başı Ben Olayım’ (2012) 3’30”- 4’

Mersin International Music Festival 3rd Prize

soprano and piano

Decet II “İstanbul, Three Portraits” (2012) 12’

flute, oboe, clarinet in b flat, percussions, classical guitar, mandolin, violin, viola, violoncello, and double bass.


Guitar Quartet (2011) 10′

commission for Safa Yeprem and Kennesaw State University Guitar Department

four guitars (classical or electric)

The Emperor’s New Clothes (2011)

homage to John Cage

for everything and nothing, written inscriptions

Decet (2011) 15’

oboe, clarinet in b flat, bass clarinet in b flat, percussions,piano, soprano, mezzo-soprano, violin, viola, and violoncello.


Hypertext II (2011) 1’30” – 60′

Counterpoint Italy Composition Competition 1st Prize

flute solo

Hypertext (2011) 3’ – 25’

violin solo

String Quartet I b (2011) 11’ – 12’

for Ankara University Soloists String Quartet

two violins, viola and violoncello

Destroyed III (2010) 13’10”

fixed media

Three Short Statements (2010) 3’

in memory of A. Adnan Saygun

piano solo

Land of Empires (2009) 5’30” – 6’

for Bilkent University Guitar Department with Kagan Korad

guitar ensemble (I, II, III, IV x2 ,x4 ,x6 etc.)

Dystopia (2009) 8’ 25” – 10′

violoncello solo

String Quartet I a (2009) 6’29”

two violins, viola and violoncello

Basübadelmevt (2009) 12’ – 13’

for TRT Polyphonic Choir for the TRT 40th years project

on a Rubai of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi

choir (SSAATTBBx2) and four percussionists

Ivan the Terrible on a theme of S. Prokofiev (2009) 9’-10’

Yildiz Technical University Composition Competition 3rd Prize

guitar solo

Destroyed II (2009) 7’40”

fixed media

Spring Dance (2009) 1’25” -2’

guitar solo

“Contemplation” Whisper of the New World (2008) 22’

dedicated to Turgut Pöğün and special thanks to Mehmet Can Özer

two pianos, three percussionists, and fixed media

Destroyed (2008) 8’

fixed media

Landscape of the Shade City – Guitar Trio (2008) 16’ – 17’

three guitars

Evolution (2007) 9’

guitar solo

Sonata (2007) 7’ – 8’

guitar solo

Lost Souvenir (2006) 3’ – 5’

guitar solo

Courante (2006) 3’

guitar solo


2000-2006:  Solo and ensemble works for classical guitar, strings, piano, and  choir


Works in Progress

a dramatic stage work with orchestra (2022-) 100'

2222 422.1  perc  hp pno str + cast 

libretto: C. Bilir

a dramatic sci-fi electroacoustic multimedia work (2022-) 20'-30'

1111 1110 perc  pno  str + electronics + projection + cast

libretto: C. Bilir

Name: Lips without gender (2018 and unfinished) 7′

for amplified SATB choir

commission canceled 

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