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Can Bilir is a multidisciplinary composer – sound artist, guitar player, and sound studies researcher. His works have been performed and featured across the globe. He has been working in interdisciplinary music and art projects held at major venues collaborated with leading ensembles more than two decades. In addition to his creative work, he is an active figure as an academic and researcher. His research focuses on Electroacoustic music and creative coding,  acoustic ecologies, field recordings and analysis methods, sound in drama, tragedy, literature, film, and animation, philosophy of mind, philosophy of nature, cognitive schemata, and audio illusion techniques, examining through the lenses of new materialism, posthumanism, and Anthropocene/Capitalocene, with comparative case studies from Turkiye and Thailand.

His third String Quartet, Düşük (Fallen) was listed among globally most used top fifteen scores of the largest open access contemporary score repository, UCLA Contemporary Music Score Collection, eScholarship in the initial cycle in 2021 and in the second cycle 2022, out of 5,514 scores, two years in row.

He was the recipient of the Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award at Cornell University for excellence of his Master's Thesis piece, Sinfonietta: Clusters of Unity (2016), the Mario Einaudi Center International Research Grant (2017) for his doctoral research in Paris, Fulbright Scholarship for Graduate Studies in the United States, The Second Century Fund C2F Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Chulalongkorn University (2022) for his research and fieldwork on bioacoustics and soundscape in South Thailand and Bangkok, and Albi Rosenthal Fellowship of Music at the University of Oxford (2023) for his research on Franz Kafka's manuscripts and Kafka's literary sounds.


He has received commissions for the 100th year of commemoration of Franz Kafka from the University of Oxford and Oxford International Song Festival, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for clarinetist Kinan Azmeh and Aizuri Quartet (2018). He was commissioned for the Cornell Council for the Arts Biennial by Ariana Kim for Brescia, Italy and Ithaca, New York (2016-2017). He was selected by European Broadcasting Union and commissioned as a MusMa–European Broadcasting Project as a composer collaborating with I Solisti del Vento (2014-2016). He was additionally commissioned by and has closely worked with JACK Quartet, New York New Music Ensemble, Continuum, Momenta, Ossia, Ipse, sTem, Distractfold, Adapter, and Xak Bjerken and Rachel Calloway with critically acclaimed poet Ishion Hutchinson, and has created for numerous other projects. His multimedia works were featured by Hackney Downs Studios’ The Holy Art in London, UK, Doncaster Art Fair in Yorkshire, UK, and the 38. MesaFilm Fest by Middle East Studies Association of North America.

​Can Bilir completed his DMA in Composition and Musicology with a dual concentration at Cornell University in 2019. His work was further shaped at Harvard University as an Ivy Plus Exchange Doctoral Scholar (2017 – 2018), at the IRCAM/Eastman School of Music new music analysis program in Paris (2017), and his self–conducted creative and research experiences in Turkey, Thailand, France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. He has additionally earned an MFA from Cornell University and an MM in composition from Bilkent University.

As an educator, he has been working in higher education more than ten years . At Cornell, he was the Assistant of Cornell Electroacoustic Music Center and Assistant Conductor of the Cornell Symphony Orchestra and a lecturer of Theory Track as a part of the Cornell Active Learning Initiative (2015-2019). He taught harmony, ear training, theory for music and theatre (2012-2014) and later acoustic and electroacoustic music composition, film and game music, and he was responsible for the orchestration track  as the sole instructor at Bilkent University (2019-2021). He has taken an active role in undergraduate and graduate leadership as the president of Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players (2015-2016), advocating diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the campus and beyond as a lecturer and a board member of Cornell ISB –International Students Board (later ISU).

His principal mentors have been Kevin Ernste, Roberto Sierra, Steven Stucky at Cornell University and Chaya Czernowin at Harvard University, in addition to Roger Moseley, Derk Pereboom, Tolga Yayalar, and Turgut Pogun. He worked with the leading composers of our times such as Augusta Read Thomas, Melinda Wagner, Brian Ferneyhough, Stephen Hartke, Chinary Ung, Isabel Mundry, Fred Lerdahl, Kurt Rohde, David Lang, Klaus Lang, Dieter Ammann, Claus Gadenstatter, James Matheson, Rand Steiger, Daquin Wen, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Richard Ayres, and Kamran Ince. 


He is a versatile guitar player. He completed his bachelor degree in guitar performance at Bilkent University (2010). His guitar mentors have been Kagan Korad and Kursad Terci at Bilkent University School of Music. His earlier training as a performer was with Fatih Yazici, Yakup Kivrak, and Ahmet Kanneci at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. In addition he had worked with leading guitar composers from different genres, such as Al Di Meola, Roland Dyens, and Andrew York.


He recently continues his performance in studio settings and improvisatory live concerts. His main performance interests expertise include all major repertoire of classical guitar with improvisation via galant schemata and partimenti; in addition to rock, experimental music, live processing, and robotic extensions via electric guitar.  He additionally works on film and game music, computer programming, Arduino IDE and circuits, Max and PD, controllers, DIY electronics, electroacoustic instrument building, and readymade objects. 

Dr. Bilir recently joined to the University of Michigan CSEAS as a Research Associate to work on his book on ecology of sound and composition projects, and to the University of Oxford as the Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellow, working on Franz Kafka and his compositions on selected subjects on Kafka's writing.

For more details on his research:

Last update: July 10, 2023

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last update: 2023
Academic Affiliations 


Albi Rosenthal Fellow and Composer, University of Oxford, Spring 2023


Research Associate, CSEAS University of Michigan, Spring 2023



DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts), Cornell University, 2014-2019

Composition concentration & Musicology concentration

Dissertation: Bilir, Canbekir. “The Composer’s Mind Through the Looking Glass: An Analysis of Pitch-centricity in Zaide/Adama” ProQuest Order No. 13881788, Cornell University, 2019. Permanent Link:

IvyPlus Exchange Scholar, Harvard University, 2017-2018


MFA (Master of Fine Arts), Cornell University, 2017

MM (Master of Music) in Composition, Bilkent University, 2014

BM (Bachelor of Music) in Classical Guitar, Bilkent University, 2010



Peer-Reviewed Papers

“Scaling Refrains: Cosmopolitics of Sound in a Place in Between,” Openwork Issue-1, Columbia University Academic Commons. (May 2023)


 “MC Rhetoric in Beethoven Symphonies.” Porte Akademik Journal: Research on Music and Dance, Issue 10 (Fall 2014): – 74 – 87. SSN: 2146 –2453, Accession Number: 2014 – 71682, RILM secondary journal.


Abstract Entries for the RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale)

Clayton, Martin. “Local Practice, Global Network: The Guitar in India as a Case Study.” In Theorizing the Local: Music, Practice, and Experience in South Asia and Beyond. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009; pp. 65 – 78. (Entry in 2014)


Conner, Ted. “Structural ornaments: Transcending binaries in Elizabethan and Jacobean music.” Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America 42 (2005): 19 – 75. (Entry in 2014)

Composition Scores

( for flute, clarinet, percussion, and harp

Contemporary Music Score Collection powered by California Digital Library at the University of California, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope.

Bilir, C. (2020). ( UCLA: Music Library. Retrieved from


Fallen, String Quartet III

Contemporary Music Score Collection powered by California Digital Library at the University of California, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope.

Bilir, C. (2020). Fallen. UCLA: Music Library. Retrieved from


KATIK for orchestra

Contemporary Music Score Collection powered by California Digital Library at the University of California, in collaboration with Kaleidoscope.

Bilir, C. (2020). Katik. UCLA: Music Library. Retrieved from


Catalog of Species for soprano, clarinet, and piano

Contemporary Music Score Collection powered by California Digital Library at the University of California in collaboration with Kaleidoscope.

Bilir, C. (2020). Catalog of Species. UCLA: Music Library. Retrieved from


Ivan The Terrible for guitar solo

on a theme composed by Sergei Prokofiev for Sergei Eisenstein’s film with the

same name. “Yildiz Technical University Gorsel Yayinlar No:3 Polifonik Seri No:2, Istanbul.

YTU Kutuphane ve Dokumantasyon Merkezi Sayi: YTU, ST– 0855, ISBN 978 – 975 – 461 ­–486 – 2, 2012"



Ephemeral Qualia for amplified violin (scheduled)

collaborative album project, a commission for Ellen Jewett with Klasik Keyifler, Ada Music Label Co.

work for violin solo. Album release date is scheduled to 2022.


Catalog of Species for voice, clarinet, & piano

Remembrance Species 2020, a collaborative album released on November 30th, 2020.

Digital access to album:

Remembrance Species Scotland and Laura Luna Castillo of Lunetario Editorial in collaboration with Umbral Axochiatl, Xochimilco Mexico City and Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick, United Kingdom.


Ivan the Terrible for solo guitar

on a theme composed by Sergei Prokofiev for Sergei Eisenstein’s film with the same name, performed by Kazim Cokogullu, CAGSAV Istanbul, barcode 8680202661074, 2013.

Fellowships, Grants, & Awards


Sage Fellowship, doctoral research exchange at the Department of Music at Harvard University for 2017­–2018 academic year, Cornell University, Fall 2017

Doctoral Research Grant, Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, Cornell University, 2017

Doctoral Research Grant, Graduate School, Cornell University, 2017

Otto R. Stahl Memorial Award, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2016

Fulbright Scholarship, Fulbright Foreign Student Program, Fall 2014

Sage Fellowship, Cornell University, Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

Merit Scholarship for graduate studies in composition, Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Fall 2012 – Spring 2014

Talent-based Scholarship for undergraduate studies in classical guitar, Bilkent University Faculty of Music

and Performing Arts, Fall 2005 – Spring 2010


Conference Presentations


Seminar organization and paper presentation

“What if the Universals are Silenced?”

at the seminar Political Ecology of Silences organized by Can Bilir at the American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2022 Annual Meeting, National Taiwan Normal University Taipei, Taiwan (under review)

Paper presentation

“Cosmopolitics of Pitch in Zaïde /Adama Fragments”

European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC 10), panel Musical Semiotics, Rhetoric, Topic and Schemata Theories, Tchaikovsky P.I. Conservatory Moscow, Russia. September 23, 2021.


Paper presentation

“(Eco)cosmopolitanism and Silence in John Cage’s Art and Philosophy”

American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2021 Annual Meeting, panel The sounds of the Other, April 10, 2021, virtual meeting.

Paper presentation

“Smelling the Sound: Attention and Centricity in Cross-modal Compositional Contexts and Central Anatolian Islamic Rituals”

Association of Asian Studies Conference, panel Returns: Rituals of Remembrance Genealogies of Artistic Practice in Asia, July 1 – 4, 2019, Bangkok, Thailand

Performance, installation, and paper presentation

“Decolonizing Emotion in Creative Processes: Nostalgia 30-note hand crank music box”

commission for (Re)Making Memory, Southeast Asian Studies Conference at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 6, 2019


Paper presentation

“Listening to the Resonance of Apparitions: Zaide/Adama by Mozart/Czernowin,”

American Comparative Literature Association (ACLA) 2018 Annual Meeting, panel Beyond the Human Psyche: New and Critical Approaches to Violence and Trauma in Global Anglophone Literatures at University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 2018

Paper presentation

“MC Rhetoric in Beethoven Symphonies,”

Istanbul Technical University

International Music and Theory Symposium, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013

Composition performance

Overpressure for string trio

Intercultural Music Conference & Concerts 2018 (ICM2), Ondokuz Mayis

University, Samsun Turkey, 2018

Selected Artistic Commissions
and Ensembles Worked with

University of Oxford and Oxford Lieder: Commemoration of the 100th year of Franz Kafka's Death, 2023–2025.

13th Turkey Guitar Meeting Official Title Sequence, Ankara Turkey, June 10-13, 2021

Iranian Female Composers Association–IFCA and ​Canadian Music Center (CMC Ontario), November 2020; Deterritorializing the Realm of New Music, and Suoni per Il Popolo Festival in Montréal, Canada a project in collaboration with pianist Anoush Moazzeni, a poem for pianist and live processing and fixed media, 2020–2021

Sei Solo Project by Klasik Keyifler Festival & by producer and violinist Ellen Jewett, for Kerem Tuncer, Istanbul & Cappadocia, Turkey, April 2020

Details: commission for a work for violin solo, Ephemeral Qualia for amplified violin solo

(also see: Publications/recordings)

Grey Matter Ensemble, MACM Hall, Mahidol University, Salaya, Thailand, August 9, 2019

TACETi Ensemble, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Thailand, July 7, 2019

Cornell Symphony Orchestra with Adrian Slywotzky, Bailey Hall, Cornell University, April 28, 2019

Ensemble IPSE, Arete Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, December 4, 2018

Momenta Quartet with Cornell Gamelan Ensemble, commission for a String Quartet and Javanese Gamelan Ensemble, Cornell University, Barnes Hall, Ithaca, NY, November 6 & 7, 2018

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Residency with Aizuri Quartet with Kinan Azmeh, commission for clarinet and string quartet, the MET Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium, New York, NY, June 2018; World Café Live Philadelphia, PA, May 2018

Ensemble sTEM, A song cycle based on spectrogram analysis of samples from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Macaulay Library; animal sound archive, Cornell University, Barnes Hall and Carriage House, Ithaca, NY, 2017, and Church of the Blessed Sacrament, New York, NY, 2018

Distractfold Ensemble, Harvard University Paine Hall, Cambridge, MA, 2018

Omnibus Ensemble, ICM (Intercultural Music Conference and Concerts), Samsun, Turkey, 2018

Ensemble Adapter, Harvard University, Paine Hall, Cambridge, MA, 2017


Rachel Colloway and Xak Bjerken in collaboration with Ishion Hutchinson on his poem “Doris at the River” from his book Far District, Cornell University, Barnes Hall, Ithaca, NY, 2017                     

JACK Quartet, Barnes Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2016


Ariana Kim and Periscope for Arts, commission for two string trios, Cornell Council for Arts Biennial in Brescia, Italy and Ithaca, NY, 2016 – 2017


Continuum Ensemble NY by Juilliard School Professor of music Joel Sachs, Barnes Hall, Cornell University,

            Ithaca, NY, 2016


Ensemble X with Chris Kim, Ford Hall, Ithaca College, Concert Series Season Opening, Ithaca, NY, 2015


Ankara University Soloists at Klasik Keyifler Festival, Eleni Church, Cappadocia, 2012 and 2015


Joseph Prusch with Ithaca New Music Collective, Carriage House, Ithaca, NY, 2015


NY New Music Ensemble in June in Buffalo, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 2015


Ossia New Music Ensemble, Barnes Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 2015


Turkey Guitar Meeting, the Annual Guitar Convention of Turkey, Ankara Turkey commission for guitar quintet, electronics and visuals, Bilkent, 2015


Ernst Rombout, for Prof. Rombout’s Oboe Class, IMPULS Academy at die Kunstuniversitat, Graz,

Austria, 2014


Tuscaloosa New Music Collective, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2014


Linda Wetherill, Composer’s Voice Festival, Jan Hus Church, New York, NY, 2013


I Solisti del Vento for MUSMA V: for Festival van Vlaanderen – Klarafestival, Festival de Wallonie, Culturescapes, International Ankara Music Festival, Belgium, Italy, and Turkey, 2013 – 2014


Safa Yeprem with Kennesaw State University Guitar Department Quartet, Bailey Performance Center, Atlanta GA, 2011–2012


Motion Picture, title sequence for original historical documentary tv program “Vizyoner” at ATA TV,

commissioned by Esra Inal Karakaya, Ankara, 2007–2008

Selected Music Awards

Finalist, New England Philharmonic Composers Call, Boston, MA, 2023.

Nominee, Rapee Sagarik Composition Prize, Mahidol University, Salaya, Thailand, 2019.

Grand Prize for Tuscaloosa New Music Collective Call for Scores, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2014.

Selected as a composer for European Broadcasting Project “MusMA V” by SCA Music Foundation; MusMA  Head Office in Brussels, with support of the EBU, EFA, and European Union, 2013-2016.


2nd Prize, Iron Composer Composition Competition, Baldwin Wallace University, Berea, OH, 2013.

1st Prize, Counterpoint- Italy Composition Competition, New York, NY & Lucca, Italy, 2012.


The Composer for the 40 Years Project of TRT (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) Radio, selected for broadcasting, Ankara, Turkey, 2009.


3rd Prize, Yildiz Technical University 2nd Classical Guitar Composition Competition, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009.


3rd Prize, Yildiz Technical University 3rd Classical Guitar Performance Competition, Istanbul, Turkey, 2005.

Music Award
Featured Artist

38th MESA FilmFest 2021 as a sound artist, poet, and filmmaker; Middle East Studies Association of North America, Tucson AZ, December 1–3, 2021 (scheduled)

Tune into Green Exhibition 2021 Diorama Room Austin, TX, October–November 2021

 Work: The ghosts of the world behind (multimedia)


Global Meltdown Exhibition 2021, Limner Gallery with Slow Art Productions, Hudson NY, September 16–October 9, 2021 (Online access May-October 2021)

 Work: The ghosts of the world behind (multimedia)


Doncaster Art Fair, Art as a Response to Mental Health Exhibition 2021, Doncaster, Yorkshire UK, June-July 2021

Details: Nostalgia for hand crank music box (music, drawings, and the music box built by Can Bilir via Wingostore 30-note music box) Selected to exhibition out of 2500 number of artists’ applications.

(Nostalgia is originally commissioned for University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI, 2019)


Imagine Together Exhibition,1078 Gallery, Chico CA, April–May 2021

Work: the ghosts of the world behind (multimedia)


The Dreamers Exhibition, The Holy Art Hackney Downs Studios, London UK, April 14–20, 2021

Work: what is it like to be a bird in the windowless skies? (multimedia)


Remembrance Species 2020 Exhibition– Selected featured Sound Artist for 2020 Exhibition Mexico & Scotland.


15th Thailand International Composers Festival, Salaya, Bangkok, Thailand, August 2019

Thailand New Music and Arts Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, July 2019


Cornell Council for the Arts Biennial Project Le Storie di vita del legno. Three new commissions, 2016 –17


Klasik Keyifler Composers Cauldron Workshop for Young Composers, Cappadocia, Turkey, 2015


June in Buffalo New Music Festival, Buffalo, NY, 2015


IMPULS International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music, Graz, Austria, 2015


Composers Voice Concert Series, New York, NY, 2013


Journey of the Sound Young Composers Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013


Klasik Keyifler Composers Cauldron Workshop for Young Composers, Cappadocia, Turkey, 2012

Featured Artist
Invited Lectures and Colloquia

Artist Talk, Diorama Room Arts, November 7, 2021, Austin, TX (Scheduled)

Composer presentation, “Nature of the Things that I Heard: Can Bilir on Cognitive Aspects of His Music and Research,” Bilkent University Composers Seminar, 2021.

Guest Lecturer, “Galant Style Schemata on Classical Guitar”

A lecture on Galant Style music composition and analysis. Discussions on schematism and Galant schemata in light of theories of music, philosophy, and cognitive science; compositional analysis from W.A. Mozart, M. Giuliani, L. Bocherini, F. Sor, J.S. Bach, Aiva Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist. Main course book is Robert Gjerdingen, Music in the Galant Style (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). Final lecture for Music 2101 Theory Materials & Techniques 1, taught by Roger Moseley. Cornell University, 2018.

Composer presentation, Harvard University Composers Colloquium, 2017

Guest Lecturer, Transformations in Franz Schubert’s “Erlkönig” D.328 

A lecture on comparative analysis of Schubert’s Erlkönig with J.F. Reichardt’s Erlkönig (1973), application of Neo-Riemannian Theory with demonstrations on piano and classical guitar transcription of Reichardt Erlkönig by Can Bilir. Main course book is Richard Cohn, Audacious Euphony: Chromaticism and the Triad’s Second Nature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012) Music 2102 Theory, Materials, & Techniques 2, taught by Roger Moseley. Cornell University, 2017.

Guest Lecturer and Composer in Residence

Three lecture presentations in a semester, a concert performed by Can Bilir, new compositions and improvisations on self-built and modified guitars, readymade objects, and music box. for Music 1202: Classical Music from 1750 to the Present, taught by Professor Rebecca Harris Warrick. Cornell University, 2017.

Academic Services & Organizational Affiliations

Member of American Comparative Literature Association, 2018–recent

Member of Association for Asian Studies, 2019–2020

Member composer and publisher, American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), 2017

Director, Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players (CCCP), 2015 – 2016   

Responsibilities included organizing concerts with ensemble residencies proposed by the Cornell graduate composition students and faculty members.

Board Member, Cornell University International Students Board (ISB, later ISU), 2014 – 2016

Responsibilities included holding weekly meetings and interviews with representatives of the Cornell Undergraduate and Graduate Student Organizations for sponsoring and assisting their organizational and financial planning relevant to internationalism and culture, distributing a pool of funding for selected projects year-long, in addition to organizing the annual Cornell Career Days.

Member, Composers, Conductors and Musicologists Association of Turkey, (BESOM), 2008 – 2019

Founding Member, Classical Guitar Association of Turkey, 2005 – 2013

President and Board Member, Classical Guitar Club, Bilkent University, 2007 – 2010

Founding president of the organization in 2007, board member in the following years. Responsibilities included writing the structural policies of the new organization, financing, and event planning. Bilkent Guitar Club hosts guitarists and professors for concerts, seminars, and discussion sessions; as a community service offers free guitar courses for Bilkent University students and general public, and collaborate with the Bilkent Music Department in their Concert Series and the annual guitar festivals in Turkey.

Past Work Experience


The Second Century Fund Post Doctoral Fellow, Chulalongkorn University

(Spring 2022– Spring 2023)

Visiting Researcher, Thammasat University 

Fall 2021–Spring 2023

Lecturer, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent University


Spring 2021

MSC 114 Scoring for Film and Video Games: Fundamentals of Orchestration

Electroacoustic Music Composition: Individual Music Studies


Fall 2020

MSC 213 Advanced Orchestration I: Tracing Eco–Cosmopolitanism in 18th

Century Orchestral Timbre

MSC 113 Techniques of Notation and Instrumentation

Composition: Individual Music Studies I

Spring 2020

MSC 214 Advanced Orchestration II: Scoring for Stage, Film, and Games
MSC 114 Fundamentals of Orchestration: Mozart’s Orchestral Technique

in 1778–1781

Composition: Individual Music Studies II

Fall 2019

MSC 213 Advanced Orchestration I
MSC 113 Techniques of Notation and Instrumentation

Composition: Individual Music Studies I


Lecturer, Department of Music, Cornell University


Fall 2015


Music 3103 Musicianship III

Assistant Conductor, Composer in Residence, Department of Music, Cornell University

Spring 2019

Music 3621, Orchestra with conductor Adrian Slywotzky
Responsibilities included a composition commission, rehearsing, tutoring in subjects of orchestral repertoire, program notes, and webcasting.


Spring 2016


Assistant Conductor for the Cornell Symphony Orchestra

with conductor Kisun Sung, and Graduate Teaching Assistant for Music 3621.

Responsibilities included teaching and conducting orchestral sectionals; orchestral administration, financing, and organization; and management of publicity materials, program notes, and webcasting.




Graduate Teaching Instructor, Department of Music, Cornell University

Fall 2018

Music 2101, Theory Materials and Techniques 1

with Professor Roger Moseley Subjects included Fuxian Counterpoint and Galant Schemata
(a program in Cornell University Active Learning Initiative)

Spring 2017

Music 2102, Theory Materials and Techniques 2

with Professor Roger Moseley Subjects included Neo-Riemannian Theory
(a program in Cornell University Active Learning Initiative)

Fall 2016

Music 1421, Introduction to Computer Music

with Professor Kevin Ernste
Subjects included practical and theoretical exploration of signal processing, Max MSP, Pure Data, Ableton Live, Reason, Arduino coding, recording, editing, and mixing.

Fall 2015

Music 3101, Tonal Theory III with Professor Roger Moseley
Responsibilities included designing and teaching weekly sections, tutoring, and grading. (a program in Cornell University Active Learning Initiative)


Lecturer, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent University

Spring 2014

MSC 904 Ear Training II
MSC 912 Individual Music Studies: Composition for Non-Majors

Tonal Harmony, Bilkent Music Preparatory High School

Fall 2013


MSC 903 Ear Training I
MSC 911 Individual Music Studies: Composition for Non-Majors

Fall 2004 – Spring 2006


Individual Music Studies: Classical Guitar for Non-Majors
(advised by Prof. Kursad Terci undergraduate level, no code available due to curriculum revision, equivalent to MSC 911 and 912 Individual Music Studies)


Graduate Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Bilkent University

Fall 2012 – Fall 2013

Tonal Harmony, with Professor Gokce Altay

(primarily for Bilkent Music Preparatory High School music program, and additional undergraduate level support)
Responsibilities included teaching weekly sections, tutoring, and grading.

Music Equipment
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