In a world that has switched the definition of epoch from the Holocene to Anthropocene, listening has passed beyond the limitations of the immaterial conventions of assemblages. Then, lockdowns... The reality is the subjective experience now. Via sound arts, literature, and visual arts with cross-modal effects on affect in sensory experience and the mind, the potentiality that I work on is (re)making our understanding of "natural' imaginaries."


c.b.–Artist Statement


New! upcoming paper presentation

“Becoming Virtual, Becoming Ephemeral: when silence is heard via John Cage's art and philosophy”

American Comparative Literature Association 2021 Annual Conferences 

Remembrance Species 2020, the collaborative album that  Catalog of Species is featured on, was released!


The project is curated by Bell Lungs of Remembrance Species Scotland and Laura Luna Castillo of Lunetario Editorial. Remembrance Species is a collective from Scotland, UK marking Remembrance Day for Lost Species on November 30th.


You can purchase the album here:


The album sale and profit will be split between Umbral Axochiatl, an axolotl conservation charity in Xochimilco, Mexico City and the Scottish Seabird Centre, a seabird conservation charity in North Berwick, Scotland.


In addition, I’m honored to be be featured in Remembrance Species 2020 Exhibition as a sound artist, here is the link.

Full information of the sound works and artists:


My work Catalog of Species was performed and recorded by the wonderful New York-based ensemble sTem in 2017 at Cornell University. I bring the critically endangered Bornean Orangutan and bird interactions to the concert staging in this work. I significantly benefitted from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s archives and my own field recording analyses.


2020 has reshaped the common sense; the ordinariness of our lives has become surrounded with the questioning of the sense of place, risk, environment, territories, and lives within and beyond our own more than ever. As a collective, I’m happy to be part of this project that might touch your lives and I’m hoping to generate an awareness to support the lives that include both human and beyond human species in similar and distant habitats.

NEW! A composition for project Deterritorializing the Realm of New Music
Canadian Music Center (CMC Ontario) &
Iranian Female Composers Association-IFCA in collaboration with pianist Anoush Moazzeni
Project Link
composition for live processed piano and a short poem, projected for 2021
Sei Solo Project Commission and Collaborative Album Project is in Recording Sessions


Ephemeral Qualia for amplified violin solo

by Klasik Keyifler & Ellen Jewett for Kerem Tuncer, Ada Muzik Co. Istanbul Studios

Sei Solo Project Link

Four new OA score publications by UCLA


Contemporary Music Score Collection powered by California Digital Library at the University of California in collaboration with Kaleidoscope.


Fallen, String Quartet III


Catalog of Species 

(Postponed!) Paper Presentation

“Pitch, Schematism, and Isomorphism in Zaide/ Adama”

European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMac 10), 21–26 September, 2020 (postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19)

Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow, Russia

EuroMac 10


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